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Sovereign Green Global Australia is a global company with a network of individuals dedicated to Humanitarian and Environmental Issues.

Recently the focus has been in the South Pacific Nations such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Tonga.

It is the vision and mission of Sovereign Green Global Australia and their non-for-profit Sovereign Reach Out Foundation, to be major contributors to the improvement of the lifestyle of the landowners and residents of these Nations, as well as major contributors to the protection and preservation of their natural environments and forests. These major forests collectively are part of the 'lungs of the world'.

Sovereign Green Global Australia has committed to providing substantial funds and resources to assist these Nations in developing alternate revenue incomes than those produced by Logging and Palm Oil Plantations.

These alternate businesses include Eco Tourism, Organic Food and Product Supply, Coffee Plantations, Beauty Products & Wellness Centres, Re-forestation Plantations, to name a few.

The Sovereign Reach Out Foundation will fund and provide the necessary practical 'quality of life' services to the Communities such as Health, Education and Social Assistance.

Sovereign Green Global Australia and the Sovereign Reach Out Foundation welcomes the co-operation and consideration of like-minded corporations, businesses and inviduals.

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The amount of carbon

The amount of carbon lost from tropical forests is being significantly underestimated, a new study reports. In addition to loss of trees,The slow moving process has remained almost invisible to satellite observations in the Amazon.Researchers say degradation in Brazil causes additional emissions equivalent to 40% of those from deforestation.The research is due to be published in the journal Global Change Biology. Continue reading the main story

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Increasing both forest

The best way to manage forests to store carbon and to mitigate climate change is hotly debated. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and wood can be a substitute for fossil fuels

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World's forests

The world's forests could hold 20 per cent more carbon than previously thought, according to a study released yesterday.

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